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About Jeremy Briddell

Raised in the 1970’s in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri Jeremy Briddell’s mother worked for a steel company, his father a pilot, grandfather a bricklayer and grandmother made doughnuts at the town grocery. His honest midwestern roots shaped his work ethic and view on the world.

Briddell moved to Pennsylvania for his senior year of High School where he first sat at a potter’s wheel. He connected deeper as John Balistreri‘s assistant. That experience led to an undergraduate degree from The Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, MO) where he studied with and studio assisted Professor Ken Ferguson and worked with Victor Babu, George Timmock. After graduating he worked as a fabricator/studio assistant for Artist Jun Kaneko in Omaha, Nebraska. Jeremy Briddell attended Arizona State University with Kurt Wieser graduating with a Masters in Fine Arts Degree. He was a 2001 American Crafts Council Grantee, 2008 creator of award vessel for Governor’s Arts Awards (Office of the Governor, Arizona Commission on the Arts and Arizona Citizens for the Arts) and a resident at Archie Bray as a Windgate Scholar in 2013. Briddell taught for several decades from high school to graduate level. He offers workshops by invitation.

His studio practice focuses on wheel thrown Modern forms with crater glazes. He lives in the northern New Mexico mountains surrounded by nature, a barn filled with animals and a studio with a view of the Brazos Mountains. Briddell serves his community as a volunteer fire fighter.